5 Signature Classes

What we offer

Strengthen. Lengthen. Tone.

Den Yoga Fit

A strong class that incorporates light weight and BETTYBAND resistance bands. Den Yoga Fit is a perfect blend of weights and yoga all in one class. This is a full body training class where you will leave feeling challenged and energized.

Den Booty

This lower body class will focus on strengthening the legs and glutes. You will learn how to pace your movements while using BETTYBAND resistance bands, weights, and stepper to challenge you even further.

Den Yoga Flow 1

The perfect class for students new to yoga. Den Yoga Flow 1 is a dynamic basic level yoga flow class. Students will be introduced to all the fundamental movements that will prepare you for a Yoga Flow 2 class.

Den Yoga Flow 2

Den Yoga Flow 2 is a challenging sequence dedicated to moving your entire body. Every week you will be introduced to movements and flows that will challenge your body in a new way.

Den Down Yoga

This is a slower moving class for students looking for more rest and relaxation. A blend of Den Yoga Flow and deep static stretches that will give you the down time on your mat you are looking for.
Our Class Concept

Meet our Founder Betty Ford

Betty has spent 18 years in the yoga industry. Her experience has lead her to anticipate students needs while pushing them to their limits. When creating the classes at Den Yoga she focused on the things that students need most, flexibility, strength, and stability. With these concepts in mind the 5 signature classes at Den Yoga came to life. She and all of the teachers are excited to bring this new concept to Taipei.

What They’re Saying

Real Students, Real Experiences.